The Beatles Official Newsletter 14th August 2009

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The second mini-documentary from the forthcoming remastered album is now live at The full length version is featured on the Beatles For Sale album to be released on 09.09.09. All 13 albums will feature a film about their creation, in the words of The Beatles.

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The Beatles Official Newsletter
8th March 2010

Paul's New Single "(I Want To) Come Home" Out Now
This Golden Globe nominated track is taken from the Miramax film
'Everybody's Fine' starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore and Kate
Beckinsale. Paul specially wrote and recorded the track after being
asked to by director Kirk Jones and seeing an early screening.

Talking about the writing process Paul explained, "When I saw the film
originally, I was just watching and enjoying it, when at the end I found
that the director had, unbeknown to me, put in the place where he wanted
the new song another song of mine: 'Let It Be' sung by Aretha Franklin.
I kind of left the theatre thinking well, I can't write another 'Let It
Be' and I can't sing like Aretha much as I want to, so I might have to
pass. But that evening, I came back from dinner and started doodling
with some chords and I had an idea and it all grew from there."


Paul McCartney - Everybody's Fine

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